Lovable Rentals in My West Village

New York Magazine reported this week that the average New York City apartment has spiked 10%, since this time last year.  NY Magazine found some likable apartments below the neighborhood mean, take a look.

My West Village tried to do the same and found some lovable ones.   What do you think? Is anyone looking for a 1 bedroom apartment? 

BTW the average 1 bed rental in the West Village is going for $3,604.

1 bed Grove Street  (take a look at the listing better pics)

1 bed Perry Street (most beautiful block in MWV)

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West Village Vintage Porsche

This is my dream car–a vintage Porsche from the 1960s with a red leather interior.

The perfect get away weekend car for some glamorous destination.

Some people love new cars, like my husband. He was born in Hong Kong and prefers a new Ferrari over a 40-year old collectible.

I prefer the classic.

I saw this car last weekend on Perry Street in My West Village and I thought to myself, if I only I could borrow it for a spin.

The couple inside looked relaxed and ready to start their journey, as friends bid them bon voyage at the corner. But they seemed in no hurry and they probably enjoyed the drive more than the destination. Leaving in the late afternoon, after eating a wonderful brunch at Café Sant Ambroeus, they were off.

I thought to myself, where are they going? They must be escaping this heat-drenched island. My initial thoughts: they are going to the Hamptons to enjoy the beach, raw oysters, a polo match, and maybe a glamorous White Party somewhere. They were Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn in Rome or Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergmann in Paris.

With the windows rolled down, the woman’s hair loosely tied back, large sunglasses on, she embraced summer.

I can imagine that their journey was taking them more to the country than sitting in traffic on the Long Island Expressway. You need air conditioning for that!

In the back seat some sparkling water, fruit, wine and some cheeses from Gourmet Garage to snack along the way.

Knowing the sun was going to set at around 8:30, this couple had plenty time to travel through the back roads of the Hudson Valley or what every road they were traveling down.

How about you, any great summer escapes?

For me I am just imagining them 🙂

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West Village Wedding Crashers

Last weekend my husband and I left the Hudson River piers and went to Central Park to find some shady trails to explore. It was a perfect summer day to be in the park, particularly when it seems half the city is in the Hamptons or on the Jersey Shore! We were able to grab a seat at the Boat House and walked by the duck pond. We stopped at the Bethesda Fountain, took in the view, and my husband said:

“This would be a great place for a wedding. I could picture a bride coming down those grand steps.”

I thought, it is such a beautiful part of the park, and I began to day dream about a wedding.

Bethesda Fountain and Terracesource: centralpark.com
Before I could even finish my dream, we found ourselves actually in it!

The priest shouted ” Please gather around folks, we are getting ready to start” Before you know it, my husband in his shorts and golf visor and me in my sun dress and sun hat, were gathered around waiting for the bride. We suddenly found ourselves in a Catholic wedding under the terrace and my heart started to race, as if I knew the bride coming down the steps. It was a low budget affair, but what it lacked in flowers and music made up with ambience and joy.
The Guests: Can you find the other wedding crasher?

Because there was no music, suddenly the crowd started to hum   “Here Comes the Bride”, both invited guest and uninvited all joined in.

All of us, new friends and old, felt a part of their communion. We were all taking pictures, teary eyed at their love story, humming the tunes, praying, but really so happy for this New York City cop and his bride to have found their match.

It made an already wonderful day even more special.

So how about you, have you ever crashed a wedding?

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Journey to Parenthood in My West Village

In our apartment building in My West Village, there are 7 other families expecting a baby!  What perfect timing!   

We had a rooftop party recently with BYO Food and had a wonderful evening.  Everyone’s journey to parenthood is different–some get pregnant quickly, others have to jump through hoops, others had to find a sperm donor and surrogate, while others decide it is just time to be a mommy, even if they have not found their soul mate. I was in awe of everyone’s journey.  What I learned is that it really does take a village (Hilary wasn’t kidding!).  In a city as big as New York and a neighborhood as small as the West Village, you can never get enough support.

We will all be first-time parents very soon.  There is excitement, joy, fear, but most of all, lots of love.  

I am a fan of Stephanie Rausser’s photos and this one captures how it might look on our rooftop in the coming months and years.

What support groups have you found?

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My West Village NYC is Back!

Sorry for the silence, but I have some news!  My West Village NYC will be having another little West Villager coming this October! Yes I am expecting our first baby and due a couple days before the biggest holiday in our neighborhood, Halloween!  I am thinking I might dress up as a pumkin for Halloween. What do you think?

week 20

week 21 (going to black tie event with chi ‘my husband’ and baby)

Week 22 (back from California vacation! )

Belly while on vacation 🙂 (full of lobster roll from Woodhouse Fish Co, chocolate eclaire from Tartine, tasty vietnamese snacks and virgin cocktails at Slanted Door, ramen in japan town,  amazing dinner in napa,  and finally delicious treats from my sister’s wedding in sonoma)

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Why rent, when you can own?

Why rent a studio in the West Village, when you can own?

This studio cost less to own than to rent.  I think it is a beauty and on 92 Horatio Street.  You know who might be your neighbor. 🙂

A perfect pied-à-terre ~

a working fire place

high ceilings and lots of light

new appliances

and an outdoor terrace

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19 Charles Street

Check out:  www.19charlesstreet.com

I received my Daily Candy today, “NYC – The Foodie’s Fresh Direct” and I am salivating.  The food is sourced from some of West Village favorites:  Murray’s Cheese, Raffetto’s (pasta) and Blue Ribbon Bakery and local markets.   From farm to specialty shop to  your New York City table.

I think there are going to be quite a few more dinner and roof top parties in the West Village this Spring!  What a delicious idea.

                      source: Jordan Ferney

19 Charles Street
Sneak peak at next week’s menu

pan-seared duck breast
with fig sauce, winter squash risotto and greens

gourmet chili
with filet mignon, organic beans, crème fraiche and cornbread

filet of cod
with shiitake mushrooms in miso broth with roasted squash

herb-encrusted rack of lamb
with creamy polenta and seasonal greens

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